Software Development

From Web Design & Development to Digital Strategy & Excellence.

Your Digital Transformation Journey Begins Here.

All our development processes are governed by the same system of developing digital excellence.

  • Digital Strategy Engineering.
    Our engagement begins with establishing your strategic goals and developing a digital-native strategy that will help you achieve them.
  • Technology Alignment.
    We help you select the right technology stack for all the digital platforms to ensure effectiveness, efficiency, consistency, and optimal performance round-the-clock.
  • Feature Configuration.
    We help you create a rule-based approach to selecting only the features that offer the best value proposition to your enterprise and your customers.
  • Feedback Looping & Integration.
    Once the MVP has been engineered, we work with your team to fine-tune it.
  • Deployment.
    The finished product is deployed with integrated analytics systems
  • Scaling.
    After deploying, we work to help you establish infrastructure and strategy for scaling it.

Website Development & Hosting.

Make Your Website an Online Conversion Machine.

Web development is critical to establish and scale your online business. Our tested and precisely engineered system of developing websites will ensure you create a digital platform that resonates with your brand, creates value for your audience, and helps you get incremental leads.

We take up a wide range of web development engagements:

  • WordPress Websites and Brand Awareness Websites:
    These are simpler websites which are meant to serve as your digital visiting card. However, we help you establish your presence here and create unique features that help you deliver your core message effectively.
  • Ecommerce Websites:
    Whether you want to create a parallel online store, a standalone online store, an auction site, or a social commerce website, we possess the right human capital, experience, and technology to help you develop one with ease.
  • Bespoke Solutions:
    If our bucketed services do not fit into your needs, we can sit with you and create a unique platform in line with your requirements.

Mobile & Web Application Development.

Creating Bespoke Digital Experiences Across Touchpoints.

Whether you are an enterprise business or a customer-facing brand, having a mobile app or a web application gives you additional access to your internal and external customers. This can prove to be a remarkable and unique platform for disseminating information, getting consumer insights, engaging with your target audience, and even increasing sales.

With more and more app development projects being deployed, we are set with a team of experts to help you launch your app under an efficient process.

  • Cross Platform Apps:
    Develop and deploy apps that work across platforms.
  • Web Apps:
    Create apps that work through the browser and give the ease of portability.
  • Cloud Integration:
    We also help you take your app data to the cloud and create scaled efficiencies.
  • Feature Engineering:
    We can take your existing product and work on fine-tuning as well as configuration engineering to improve performance, add features, or pivot from earlier plans.
  • Bespoke Services:
    Taking our agile and tested development services, we can configure a unique set of solutions designed to fit into your need profile.

POS, ERP, CRM, and Ecommerce Systems.

Covering the Entire Spectrum of Digital Excellence.

This is where web and app development end and digital strategy begins. As a business making digital its priority, you would have to innovate at scale and across the board. This includes everything for attracting & converting customers, to processing transactions, to retaining them, and still ensuring you have profitable operations.

Our focus goes beyond the software development process and reengineers your value creation system using digital as the differentiating frontier. Here is how we develop the digital-first strategy alongside solutions that come with inherent value:

  • Get A Working Ecommerce System on Day One of Your Digital Operations.
    If you don’t want to take an iterative approach to your digital transformation efforts, we can have your ecommerce operations ready in next to no time. With optimized product catalogue integration plans, payment processing advisory, and backend technology as well as process engineering, we make sure your ecommerce front will work seamlessly.
  • CRM: Build a Data-Driven Approach to Retaining Customers.
    Ecommerce operations and digital business management eventually comes down to optimizing Customer Acquisition Costs and enhancing Customer Lifetime Value. The second part of the process will never be optimized if you do not have a CRM System in place. We help you create a system that stores and categorizes the information of your customers and would later help you design conversion, retention, and lead-generation campaigns across social media, email, and targeted ads mediums.
  • POS: Leverage the Power of Your Physical Presence.
    The businesses that are running with a physical presence have an edge since their margins are already accounting for retail overheads. With an integrated Point of Sales Solution, you will be able to transact efficiently, store data in accessible format, and will get strategic insights on each sale. With your digital enterprise scaling ambitions, our implementation will ensure your POS presence is optimized to deliver a seamless retail purchase experience and supports your insight mining efforts.
  • ERP: Process-Engineering Driven Approach to Create Modern Management Systems.
    Eventually, all the incremental cash flow would be pointless if your operating expenses are going off the roof. Our custom-engineered ERP Systems will help you unlock value by integrating cross-functional expertise, creating comprehensive workflows, automate repetitive tasks, and generate incremental productivity. We tailor solutions to your exact industry, business model, scale, and strategic growth plans.

Digital Marketing & SEO Services.

Amplify the Prowess and Reach of Your Digital Brand.

We have created a differentiated offering of digital brand management services that help you take your brand to a larger audience, and at the same time help you optimize your conversion funnel. We offer an integrated offering of brand awareness and lead generation campaign management, execution, and standalone services like SEO services, search ads, social media ads, display ads.

Stop Working with Agencies and Developers.

Get a Technology Partner with Tested Systems of Excellence.

Why H&M Professional Computers?

  • 20+ Years of experience in producing value for individual and enterprise customers
  • Thousands of satisfied businesses and individual customers across a large scale of industries.
  • Trained team that provides industry-revered quality of services.
  • We take a consulting approach to solve all your queries, issues, and problems.
  • Comprehensive set of solutions ranging from security, installation, maintenance, servicing, updates, and monitoring – all on one platform.

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