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comprehensive Solutions covering human,Systemic and,and Unforeseen Errors.

The problem with most networking and communication systems is that their features are deeply connected to the static product that delivers them. But the enterprises of today are growing. With cloud computing, there is more data being produced and shared in real-time. And these systems are evolving every day. With each evolving system, there comes a new set of security challenges for the business. That is why, we are preparing the systems of today for the risks of tomorrow.

Our comprehensive network security offering takes into account the three key fundamentals of people, infrastructure, and the connections between them. By focusing on each element, we are able to deliver a superior offering that safeguards your firm from potential threats round the clock, across the year.


Why should your business Undergo Cyber Security Assessment?

Your IT network is the backbone of your entire technology infrastructure. A comprehensive cyber security assessment will help you ensure that the security solutions you are deploying are matching the level of threat pertinent to your systems. We take an analytical approach to understanding whether your system has been compromised or whether your proprietary information is available on malicious internet databases and the dark web. Based on the results of these assessments, we design a security system that covers your management strategy, control mechanisms, threat & vulnerability management, incident resilience and even the security knowledge-gaps in your workforce.

Cyber security Assessment

Incisive Analysis that Highlights Problems Before They Show Up.

We are one of the few firms that offer standalone cyber security assessment services. This way, you can be assured that there are no conflicts of interest.

  • Qualitative Analysis
    Our team of experts conducts a thorough examination of each node in your enterprise network. We rigorously test each platform, individual system, network connections, software, hardware and behavioral tendency to get a comprehensive understanding of potential threats to your business.
  • Historical Performance Evaluation and Solution Integration
    Once our qualitative tests have been conducted, we take up technical diagnostic measures along with historical scans. This gives us a clear view of how secure your systems have been in the past and whether the security of any of your systems has been compromised or not. If we find any past breaches, we immediately seal them and reconfigure the system to ensure the same threat does not breach the system’s integrity.
  • Stress Testing
    Before we close our security assessment in line with the NIST framework, we stress test your entire network. This helps us run scenarios to evaluate how will the network perform, when it is threatened by a rigorous set of challenges and security breaches. Once the updated network clears the test, we handover the controls to you along with the results of all the tests conducted.

Managed IT Security

Custom Engineered Solutions for Unique Security Challenges.

We have designed a set of custom-engineered solutions that are adaptive to the nature, scale, and challenges faced specifically by your business. By doing this, we are able to limit the overhead costs you would have to incur for taking up expensive off-the-shelf solutions which may not deliver the desired value. Here are the key services offered under our Managed IT Security offering:

  • Endpoint and Server Protection
    With this unique offering, our team of experts pays special attention on securing the end-node of your network. This is equivalent to dedicated network security resources to one point of connection. With an endpoint and server protection plan in place, we ensure that the risks pertinent to the public server or crowded serves do not flow over to your proprietary data. This also removes the possibility of data leaks.
  • Patch Management
    Although most enterprise systems are designed to automatically handle patches issued by software publishers, not managing them optimally can result in halted systems in the middle of a workday. If any of the patches are missed, your system might even become vulnerable. With dedicated resources handling each patch, your system will have the right timing and integration solution.
  • Manage, Detect and Respond
    To close the loop, we deploy a non-intrusive alerting system. This alerts your stakeholders and team members when there is a security breach or system is vulnerable. Since it is non-intrusive, all your proprietary data remains secure.
  • Firewall Management
    We engineer a firewall system that protects both your hardware and software from potential damage. We make sure the firewall is working and is updated on a regular basis to immune your systems for any up & coming challenges. Our stress-testing processes help us ensure we understand the entire set of vulnerabilities in your system and fix them before they get exploited.
  • Email Security
    Our email security service is designed to safeguard your emails from malicious malware, phishing scams, and even email-server attacks. We initiate the process with a rule-based approach to sort your emails and putting all suspicious emails away from the attention of your workforce. At the end of every fixed period, we analyse these spams and create rules to keep them away from the system altogether. Complemented by our data backup services, your emails will be secured and available to you – always.

Cyber security Security Awareness Training

Human Capital Recalibration.

Social Engineering and phishing has become a unique way to plan cyber attacks on network systems. Human errors are triggered more easily than software and hardware errors. Sealing this potential vulnerability requires a deep understanding of behavioral fallacies and intuitive knowledge of technology systems.

With our unique training, testing, and recalibrating modules designed with decades of experience, your entire team will get a deep understanding on how to actively perform its duties without compromising the security systems.

Here are some of the common modules delivered:

  • Awareness Training:
    It helps your team understand the best-practices for utilizing the technology stack they possess. covering both security and compliance topics
  • Risk Mitigation:
    Your team should understand what type of activities can put the system at risk. By simply avoiding these activities, your team can bring down the probability of security risks.
  • Stress Action and Self-Help Plan:
    This is a simple map that helps your team understand the exact set of activities to undertake when they believe the system has been malfunctioning. We also conduct phishing simulation tests to ensure your team is well-prepared.

Network Installation & Support

Audit,Design,Configuration,and Setup.

Taking our expertise in network audit and user-behaviour analysis, we help your team establish the cost-effective network it needs using a systematic approach:

  • Network Audit and Need Mapping:
    Our team of technicians would analyse the use of existing systems. If you are setting up a new system, we will conduct a detailed discussion on your requirements. Instead of being a supplier, we take a technology partner approach and help you benchmark the form, scale, and type of network you need. Based on this, we help you develop a cost-effective list of routers, switches,
    firewalls, VPN,  printers, wireless setup, range extenders, and even servers.
  • Configuration, Design, and Implementation:
    We begin with configuring each node of the network setup and ensuring that it is configured to your requirements, designed to deliver all the features you seek, and implemented with precision.
  • Network Expansion :
    One of the most unique offerings of our system, the Network Expansion service allows you to extend the functionality of your newly deployed network to new office locations and even home-offices. This comes with our security excellence service that ensures equally high security, irrespective of where your team is located.

Internet, Phone, Hosted & Cloud PBX, and Collaboration Systems

Cost-Effective Solution Design and Delivery.

Our connectivity solutions team ensures that all your teams are able to get, share, and store information in whatever format necessary for your business. This is possible only if the internet, phone, and automatic telephone switching systems are working in cohesion.

We work with different carriers, internet providers, and infrastructure solution providers to create the most cost-effective and value delivery network for your business. You will have absolute control on the features, prices, and assurance on your internet setup using ADSL, NBN, or Fibre solutions. On top of this, you also get our expertise in deploying landline, VOIP, and PBX phone system ideal to support executive suites and conference calls. We have developed expertise in deploying cloud-PBX systems that provide the same efficacy, with the efficiency and accessibility of the cloud. We can also help you configure and deploy collaboration tools like GoTO that help you jumpstart a meeting using screen-sharing, audio, and video

Why H&M Professional Computers?

  • 20+ Years of experience in producing value for individual and enterprise customers
  • Thousands of satisfied businesses and individual customers across a large scale of industries.
  • Trained team that provides industry-revered quality of services.
  • We take a consulting approach to solve all your queries, issues, and problems.
  • Comprehensive set of solutions ranging from security, installation, maintenance, servicing, updates, and monitoring – all on one platform.

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