Managed IT Support

Extract Maximum Value from Your Technology Investments.

Your investments in the IT Systems for your business or home are meant to add convenience, efficiency, and productivity for yourself and your team members. We are here to help you ensure that these technology investments fit right into your strategic goals and do not create bottlenecks in your operations.

Managed IT Support in Melbourne

Professional Assistance When You Need it the Most.

Smaller businesses do not have the overheads to maintain a conventional IT Team that is available on premise 24 x 7. We fulfil the need of that IT Team and help you resolve your information technology issues & problems. We become your technology partners and help you ensure that your IT Systems are running exactly the way you need, without having to maintain an in-house IT Team.

Business IT.

Make Every Second Count.

Failed IT Systems have a much deeper impact on the bottom line than what is visible. One hour of downtime can keep your employees away from their productivity for several hours and make them miss their daily goals. With our team’s expertise, experience, and partner-like approach, you will not face downtimes that cause major bottlenecks in your systems.

Our wide range of services is here to help you resolve every potential problem with your IT System:

  • IT Remote Monitoring for PCs and Servers
    We deploy a remote monitoring system that generates automated updates for our team to ensure there are no security breaches or downtime alerts that go unmissed. All your proprietary data is protected since the monitoring systems generate a performance report for the system without recording any business data.
  • Comprehensive Security Solutions: Anti-Virus, Firewall, and Anti-Spam Monitoring
    Now you can protect your entire system from potential threats, attacks, malware, and suspicious files. Instead of taking a reverse-engineering approach to solving systemic issues, we deploy systemic measures to avoid them in the first place. This keeps the systems running and the data protected, round the clock.
  • Damage Avoidance: Automated Backups
    Our automated backups are designed to take the backup of the entire system at frequent intervals. In our experience, no system is free from possible threats and having the backup ensures you will not lose data irrespective of any possible threat to the system. The backup also helps you manage onsite memory, as all the crucial files are backed up in our mandated systems.
  • OS Updates and Patch Management
    OS updates and patches, when ignored, render a system prone to errors and unsupported work. We ensure that all the system updates are verified and installed in time, without making your employees having to wait for hours as the update to be completed.
  • System Repairs & Servicing
    Our team of experts is readily available to execute any potential system repairs and service requests. These include requests covered under the SLA as well as arbitrary damage incurred for any reasons. Our team ensures minimum turnaround time and helps your team get back to its productivity levels at the earliest possible.
  • Digital Asset Support
    We extend our business IT support beyond the hardware and network systems. We also cover the website and email assets. We work with a comprehensive set of partners to help you develop, deploy, and maintain digital assets critical for your business.
  • Telecommunication, Connectivity and Network Support
    Our team’s expertise pans into the most granular facets of your IT Systems. We make sure your telecom and connectivity infrastructure are running as intended, and optimize the network to take care of the loads as they flow through the working week. We develop a custom plan to support each of the assets in the network and help you manage all of them in a cost-effective manner.
  • Dynamic IT Support
    We are available during the business hours and have an active request registering system that alerts our teams as soon as you lodge an incident or request.

Home IT.

Bridging the IT Efficiency Gap Between Home Office and Office.

Home IT systems require specialty in being cost-effective. There are no large-scale servers and engineers available to troubleshoot the matter. But, if the systems are not developed, deployed, and maintained by professionals, they may stop responding at the most unlikely point and put your work at risk. We are here to ensure that never happens.

Our service expertise focuses more on the pain-points pertinent to your system, instead of repackaged services rendered from the corporate systems:

  • Security: Antivirus, Firewall, and Anti-Spam Monitoring
    We make sure the firewalls, anti-virus systems, and alert systems are working to protect all your personal and work data. We have a remote, non-intrusive monitoring tool that generates alerts as soon as there is potential risk looming on your system. We also ensure that the system is updated at the stipulated time to avoid any possible issues with maintenance or serviceability.
  • Automated Backup Monitoring & Management
    These days, every device is vulnerable to getting attacked by malware, or getting corrupted by the smallest of errors. We save all your data with our automated backup monitoring & management system. A rule-based approach to back-ups ensures that all your data is stored safely across different cloud, hardware, and backup systems. No matter how sudden the damage is incurred by your master-device, we will ensure that you don’t lose any of your data.
  • OS Updates & Patch Management:
    Worried about the consistent notifications of updates and patches alerted by your system? We can help you streamline the process. We analyse the documentation of your system and based on that, are always prepared to help you navigate the OS Update and patch installation process. You will not have to wait for hours to get your system started again!
  • Computer and Laptop Upgraded & Replacement
    Computers and laptops can be vulnerable to system issues at any point in time. We work with you to help you upgrade to a new system based on your budget, requirements, and our inventory of insights on the configured systems available in the market. If your system has faced a severe issue during the warranty period, we also help you get it replaced by the authorized personnel or equipment manufacturer. In the entire process, our focus is on delivering a cost-effective solution to you.
  • Remote and On-Site Support
    Our team is available via phone or email, irrespective of how small your request is. You can get in touch with us to solve a particular problem or to understand a specific part of the Home IT System you possess. We also provide convenient, quick, and effective on-site support to ensure you don’t have to risk your system by moving it.
  • Phone and Internet Connection We optimize your connections to give you maximum connectivity with minimum resource consumption. Apart from this, we also take active measures to ensure none of your devices go off the grid due to systemic errors. This covers your phone networks and internet connections including LAN, WiFi, and optical-fibre based connections.

Why H&M Professional Computers?

  • 20+ Years of experience in producing value for individual and enterprise customers
  • Thousands of satisfied businesses and individual customers across a large scale of industries.
  • Trained team that provides industry-revered quality of services.
  • We take a consulting approach to solve all your queries, issues, and problems.
  • Comprehensive set of solutions ranging from security, installation, maintenance, servicing, updates, and monitoring – all on one platform.

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