Why H &M Professional Computers?

  • We have been in the business since 1996 providing quality services offered by Certified and experienced IT professionals with great communication skills that ensure consumer satisfaction.
  • Thousands of happy home and business customers
  • An affordable rate ensuring our IT services operate within our clients’ budget.
  • Looking after wide range of business including Building & Construction, GP Dental, Physio & Medical Centres, Tax Accountants, Law Firms, Conveyancer, cafe and restaurants, Car mechanics, Real Estate Agencies
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Best Professional IT Support provider for your Business and Home

We provide quality, reliable and cost-effective managed IT services to support your organisation succeed with Compute, Network, Telephony, Security, backup, storage and Cloud needs.

Keep Your Home Security Out of the Bundle

Have you received a flyer from your Cable Company about home security specials? Their rates look good and perhaps you use their internet/TV services so it may seem like an easy option. But consider this:
  • When do their rates go up? Usually after one year.
  • How long did you wait when you called a cable company for help?
  • The last time you scheduled a service call, were they on time?
  • What is their BBB customer service rating?
  • What is their penalty for early termination?
  • What is their false alarm rate?
  • Do you really want to trust your family’s safety to a cable company?
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Customized Solution for your Business IT.

By designing and creating customized IT support solutions for our clients, we strive to make the most complex of situations seem easy and manageable.

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