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Manage the Productivity of Your Productivity Tools.

The entire suite of productivity tools was engineered to deliver value to businesses at the behest of increased productivity. While tools like G-Suite, Office 365, Cloud, and Email have created great value for businesses, they too need installation integrity, servicing, and careful migration. If these processes are not followed, your productivity tools become the biggest challenge for your business’ productivity. We make sure that never happens.

G Suite Setup and Migration.

Add ‘G’ for Growth to the ‘G’ for Google.

G Suite is the comprehensive set of cloud-based applications developed and maintained by Google. These are spread across the categories of Connect (Gmail, Calendar, Currents, Chat, and Meet), Create (Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides, Sites, Apps Script, and Keep), Access (Drive and Google Cloud Search), and Control (Admin, Vault, Endpoint, and Work Insights).

While the entire suite of apps and platforms have been designed to deliver productivity enhancement to your business, it requires initial fine-tuning as well as migration precision.

We have engineered a unique set of services to help you with it:

  • Installation and Setup Services
    If you are setting up a new account, have just started your business, or are looking for an expansion partner, our service will be of great use to you. Our team of specialists will ensure that your entire G Suite app setup is done in a way that meets the demands of your firm’s workflow and your industry’s trends.
  • Migration Services
    If you are shifting base to a new platform, application setup, or server location, you may want to retain your data across the earlier places. We help you do that by providing dedicated migration services that ensure minimal or zero data. Your team can get straight to work with all the necessary information at their fingertips, no matter where they sit and how they use the apps.

Office 365 Setup and Migration.

Zero Productivity Loss Migration.

Microsoft Office 365 includes a range of apps. The core apps include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, OneDrive, and Teams. Along with this, Microsoft also offers over 33 apps that might help your team enhance its systemic productivity.

We bring expertise on both the setup and migration fronts for the apps. Unlike most professionals who help businesses in setting up and migration based entirely on intuitive and working knowledge, we have developed a process over years to implement a setup and migration process.

    • Case-Based Setup
      We work with your team to get a deep understanding of your business, working systems, needs, and industry trends. Then, using our internal systems and exhaustive research, we provide the perfect Office 365 setup that helps you be cost-effective. You will be able to optimally use each feature and storage unit covered under your Microsoft license.
    • No Loss Migration
      Whether you are changing services or migrating from cloud to server or vice versa, our team of data migration experts will ensure that none of your proprietary data is lost or affected during the process. We ensure the process is as efficient as possible to help your team resume or begin work without any delays.


Cloud Management Services.

Helping You Generate Real Value with Virtual Systems.

Cloud can help your business enhance productivity with readily available data and bring down your data storage costs with the help of virtual machines. You can also optimize the performance of your ERP systems by having cloud plug-ins that can call data only when necessary.

However, cloud management can be a major issue for businesses that are setting up a new base, migrating from one service-provider to another, or businesses that are concerned about the security on the cloud. Since we operate under a model of multifunctional expertise, we bring together the security and cloud management services onto one platform.

Now you can have a new cloud system setup on Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure. With our security coverage, your data will stay secured irrespective of when you access it – during the migration, after the upload, or during the workflow process execution.

Backup and Disaster Recovery.

Your Data ‘Emergency’ Specialist.

Even after taking the most proficient measures of securing data, you may end up losing data if your system vulnerabilities are exploited or if your system faces an unforeseeable crash. We have engineered a two-step process to ensure all your data remains secure and accessible:

  • Comprehensive Onsite, Cloud, and Server Backup
    We create rules based on your system use patterns that ensure automatic backups onsite and on our cloud storage platform. This covers your entire network and all the data you possess.
  • Efficient Restore
    As soon as there is an alert showing a security issue or problem that results in data loss, we activate the restoration protocols that ensure all your data is restored from the earlier-made backups, as soon as possible.

Email Migration and Hosting.

Seamless Communication Across All Hosting Systems.

Our entire migration and hosting service platform is designed to make your email communication system seamless. Whether you are using a custom email ID, enterprise email solution, or a retail license, we help you control the entire email system process.

  • Flawless Setup Leads to Seamless Communication
    The entire communication system is based on accurate setup. With the right plat configuration and hardware-software alignment, our team sets your email setup for professional services excellence.
  • Documentation, Processing, and Migration
    After the setup has been completed, the next major service is the documentation and processing part. Our team of experts ensures that the stakeholders and decision-makers in your company have access to the right authorized documentation over email and that there are no security breaches in their pathway.
  • Third-Party and Proprietary Hosting Management
    In order to keep your emails’ security intact, we can work with a hosting service of your choice or host it for you. This ensures that all your emails are secured on a private system, reducing the risk of a data leak. It also makes your emails available easily, without the need for consistent backups.

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  • 20+ Years of experience in producing value for individual and enterprise customers
  • Thousands of satisfied businesses and individual customers across a large scale of industries.
  • Trained team that provides industry-revered quality of services.
  • We take a consulting approach to solve all your queries, issues, and problems.
  • Comprehensive set of solutions ranging from security, installation, maintenance, servicing, updates, and monitoring – all on one platform.

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