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Laptop and Desktop Sales, Service & Upgrades.

Computing Made Easy.

Laptops and desktops have become indispensable assets to all homes and businesses users. Whether your work is intricate and detailed, or whether you work with a streak of imagination, a set of laptop or desktops can be of immense help to you or your team’s productivity.

We can help you throughout the lifecycle of your laptop and desktop needs:

  • Acquisition PlanningWe work with you or your team to understand the needs of your business and the team’s workflow or begin with your list of requirements as an individual. Based on this and our industry-data, we organized a set of features, systems, and software optimally assembled to provide maximum value to you or your team. Post this, we procure the new laptops & new customized desktops in the said specifications from our proprietary channels developed over years of refinement. We source both second-hand and new systems covering a wide range of brands like HP, Dell, Toshiba, Lenovo, and Apple.  The end-product you get at the end of this process are the laptops and desktops that work as per the needs of your business or home usage and come with industry-standard warranties, backed by our promise.

Acquisition Planning

Upgrade Management

  • Servicing and Lifecycle EnhancementOur team of technicians works on laptop repair and computer repair of all generations, brands, and use-cases. We can actively repair or service your Apple and iMac systems as well. Since our team has worked with the entire range of laptops and desktops developed over the last few years, we bring to you a balanced approach to standardized servicing solutions as well as ad hoc services. Now you can have your systems up and running in no time.
  • Upgrade Management This is one of the most unique services in our portfolio and is designed to help you establish a timeline for laptop and computer upgrades. We help you ascertain the stipulated time to upgrade on the basis of the model of laptops & desktops you have, the intensity of your usage, and the quality of all previous servicing. Once the schedule is established, we take the same process as suggested in our Acquisition Planning service, to help you get the best laptop and desktop your team needs. With established trade relationships, we add another layer of cost-effectiveness to your purchase and procurements.

Data Recovery.

If It’s Valuable to You, It Should Be Available to You.

With our expertise across hardware, software, IT, and cloud, we have developed a unique practice around recovering data. Even after a major incident, you can now have a greater probability of data recovery. Our process is optimized to help you recover the maximum possible data:

Data Recovery Process

  • Initial Assessment and Recovery Benchmarking We begin with conducting a detailed examination of the hardware and software where the data was initially stored. After thorough testing and projected results, we give you a benchmark of recovery ranging between probabilistically zero to very high. In most of the cases, our team is able to recover a large amount of principal data that can be reused by your team to generate the variable data again.
  • Data Recovery Process After the estimation has been communicated, and all the risks have been mapped out, our team conducts the recovery process. Based on the scale of the device, complexity of the software, and degree of damage, the recovery process may last anywhere between a few hours to a few weeks. Our entire process is non-intrusive and hence we store no data without our explicit knowledge. Due to our technical team’s experience, we have developed systems to recover data from a wide range of devices covering laptops, desktop computers, hard-drives, USB devices, Apple MacBook, and iMac.
  • Data Handover and Backup Post completion of the recovery, we deliver the data along with necessary backups to you via cloud or other storage device.

Virus Removal and Protection.

Proactive Protection of Your Entire IT Network.

We have assembled a team of disaster recovery experts to help you get an all-encompassing security and resolution suite. While working with a large set of systems and vendors, along with having a large IT hardware network with suboptimal security, it is very easy to have your proprietary data at risk.

Our team has perfected the approach of securing your data by focusing on two key fronts:

  • Virus Extraction One of the most common issues for businesses is having corrupted, malicious, and often harmful viruses already existing in the system. We run your entire system through a deep scan and locate each such vulnerability, alongside the possible list of origins for such issues. Post this, our data recovery and IT protection teams work together to ensure the virus is removed without any harm to your system. Our expertise in hardware, software, cloud, data, and IT Networking helps us make sure the service is impeccable and focuses only on the removal of the specific vulnerabilities of your system.

Virus Extraction

Protection Services

  • Protection Services As a standalone practice, the protection program helps your entire IT Network work in conjunction without compromising integrity on any node. Our Network Experts align your hardware, software, and connectivity tools in a way that ensures optimal security. On top of that, we add third-party as well as proprietary antivirus software, firewalls, and encryption mechanisms to secure your data. Whether you are working constantly with hardware, or have software upgrade calendars, our protection services will keep your workflow intact.

Laptop Screen and Keyboard Replacement.

Systematic Component Management.

The service has been brought outside the helm of our Laptop Lifecycle Enhancement service for one reason – it is frequent and often considered the most expensive form of servicing.

Our laptop screen and keyboard replacement services focuses on delivering exceptional quality by:

  • Giving Industry-Standard Warranties Our procurement pipeline is designed to get only the most durable, trustworthy, and standardized offerings available at cost-effective prices. Each of our supplies is tested and verified thoroughly, before it becomes a part of your hardware asset inventory.
  • Providing Quick Turnaround Our team of technicians and experts focuses highly on ensuring the turnarounds are executed with finesse but accomplished within a stipulated and reasonable time. We create a schedule, strictly adhere to it, and update you at every stage.

Giving Industry-Standard Warranties

Minimizing After Sales System Failures

  • Optimizing Cost Effectiveness Our solution is designed to work equally well for corporations, SMB enterprises, and individuals. Since we have optimized each phase of delivery, you get highly affordable
  • Minimizing After Sales System Failures The installation process can still disrupt the integrity of the entire system, if not delivered with immaculate care. Our technicians have been trained and are experienced to pay special attention to the keyboard and screen replacement installation process.screens and keyboards, backed by standard warranties, and delivered to adhere to your annual budgets.

General Service and Performance Tuning.

Standard Servicing, for High Standard Maintenance.

As a contractual offering, we have developed a two-way path to enhancing hardware asset lifecycles.

We do this by:

  • Giving a Robust Set of Consistent Servicing After understanding your business needs, we establish an optimal servicing schedule. This helps us keep the technicians and equipment available, right at your service. Then, based on the build-quality and precision of your earlier services, we create a benchmark servicing plan that maintains consistency across the servicing lifecycle. We resolve each issue you highlight and also run our own testing to look for more issues and errors in the system. At the end, the service is designed to give your systems the running excellence they need, within the budget you have made.
  • Deploying Research & Insights for Performance Tuning For businesses needing much more than consistent servicing, we have designed a performance tuning and enhancement program. Apart from working on the consistent service quality, we focus on the specific parameter of performance tuning. Taking the initial specs of the system as the benchmark, we conduct tests and optimize hardware connections, software updates, and general resolutions, to ensure that your laptops and computers are running at levels as good as new.

Giving a Robust Set of Consistent Servicing


Onsite IT Support and Servicing.

We come to you ! When, and Where You Need It.

We understand the needs of the businesses which seek more tangible support. With our readily available team of technicians, analysts, and Customer Success experts, our comprehensive onsite services platform helps you get the best value out of:

Onsite IT Support and Servicing

  • Installation Services We ensure the installation is made as per our company guidelines to optimize system uptime and minimize downtime as well as system damage.
  • Testing and Quality Control We also perform standalone network and hardware integrity analysis at your site. Our team of experts and analysts can come for scheduled visits to stress-test, benchmark, and report on the quality of your hardware system.
  • Usage Help Our team is available whenever you or your team seeks assistance in using, assessing, or fixing smaller issues with self-help practices.
  • Servicing & Support Finally, if you have specific needs for servicing and support, our team of technicians can deliver ad hoc solutions to help you precisely with what you seek without risking the integrity and security of your systems.