Security Networking and Telephony

Cyber Security Assessment

Why Every Business should be doing a cyber risk assessment nowadays?

A cyber risk assessment is a crucial part of any Business’s risk management strategy as every Business relies on IT to run their business.

Cyber security assessment is to analyze and fix the causes and risk factors of known security gaps in a company’s technology infrastructures and employee training. This process is essential in maintaining an effective cyber security plan.

Our experienced team evaluates your current security risk across multiple dimensions including governance and strategy, security defenses and controls, threat and vulnerability management, and incident readiness, response, and resilience.

Once Completed the assessment you will know if you have been hacked already or how easy it is to get hacked. If any of the information is available on the dark Web or not. Is your confidential information safe? How much is your staff aware of any security risk?

We implement a phased approach to identify the true nature of your organization’s security risks, assess your cybersecurity posture and provide practical and actionable recommendations to assist you in maturing your cybersecurity posture.

Managed IT Security Plans

Protecting the business from Cyber security threats requires a long effort including significian cost and resources. We have plans to manage your IT security service that will reduce lots of hassle and save you resources to focus on growing your business.


Our plan included the following

  • Endpoint and server protection
  • Patch management
  • Monitoring and alert system

Security awareness training

Security awareness training is to educate employees about computer security to become a strong line of defence against cyber attacks. Our training includes all aspects of risks and covers personalised detailed processes to avoid any incidence.

Networking setup and Support

Every Business needs proper Networking of multiple compute devices to communicate with each other and the outside world. We can provide multiple business networking solutions to speed up and simplify the process.We can also assess your current setup and plan and implement any necessary changes. Our friendly technicians have the technical expertise and experience to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Our Networking solution include

  • Networking Requirement Analysis
  • Design and Implementation
  • Router / Switch / Firewall Setup and Configuration
  • Current Network Auditing
  • Printer Setup and Sharing
  • Wireless Modem / Router / Range Extender Setup
  • Server and Phone Networking
  • Multiple Office/Home Remote Access

Internet, Desk phone and Hosted PABX

The Internet is a must have for all businesses and we can provide the best available plan that suits the specific needs of the business. We are partnered with Internet service providers to get you any type of internet connection including ADSL, NBN and Fiber.

Similarly to provide the best suited phone service to business we can get you very efficient and cost effective plans for Landline. VOIP phone and hosted PABX solution.